Black Chopper

The Black Chopper is incredibly understated. The attention to detail and custom components are second to none. At first glance it may look like another black chopper, but once you stop and take a look you will be drawn in. The longer you look, the more details you will find. The Black Chopper started with a Diamond Chassis with an S&S 107″ and a Baker 6 speed right side drive. The Diamond chassis was refitted with a custom machined billet steel down tube, setting the tone for the rest of the build. We went to Perse performance for the inverted black anodized front end. With sheet metal we sculpted the lines of the frame and tank together for a smooth transition. The rigid mounted fender was sculpted to mate with the seat frame. When the Platinum air suspension is lowered the Gas tank, seat frame and rear fender melt together with a blend of soft and hard lines. The Wheels started as a one off Wicked Image Inc. design that was later put in to production. The BDL belt drive cover started life as a 2″ Billet aluminum plate and was cnc machined and water jet cut to match the wheel pattern. The front fender was shaped from a standard blank stamping and fitted with 1-off fender struts machined from 1″ thick billet aluminum and wrapping the full length of the fender. The handle bars and risers are a 1-off piece of art. The risers are machined hollow from 1″ billet steel with custom bent tube and tig welded allowing the wiring and hoses to route through. From the exterior seemingly impossible to be hollow. The Headwinds headlight is supported by a custom billet mount. The rear lights are Radiantz LED flush mounted in to custom machined billet aluminum axle caps. This traditional Black Chopper broke the mold of tradition.