Wicked Pro Street

This Pro Street Chopper started as an Xtreme frame set up for a 240mm rear tire. We wanted to do something a little different, so we cut out the down tubes and got to work. A single down tube cnc machined and water jet cut was the replacement for the old round tubes. That became the design for the rest of the bike to follow. A set of one off wheels machined to match with all the same water jet cut details. Every component that could be custom cut was. From the one off BDL belt drive cover to the forward controls. The Shift linkage and the mirrors also were built to the same design. A 96″ S&S motor was chosen for the power plant with a 5 speed trans and an open BDL clutch. Wimmer machine set us up with the velocity stack air filter. We went with a set of MGS Custom exhaust and torque cones. The short open exhaust looks killer shooting flames on a night run. Platinum air suspension set us up with a bleed / feed air system to get that low stance and a great ride. Danny Albert created the clean 2 tone red & black paint scheme. the frame was 2 tone powder coated red, with the details done in black. The wheels followed in 2 tone with black powder coat over the chrome. this bike has clean simple look from 10 feet away. When you get a little closer you will find its not so simple. One off details can be found front to back. The pay off to the hard work is a little recognition. Thanks to our friends at Hot Bike Magazine for taking notice and running a great feature spread. Photos courtesy of Hot Bike.